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16th January 2020 | Work Well Practice | Workplace Services

Why it's important to take time out from work

Spending all day, every day at work can be draining. It is important to take time out now and again. Health and safety at work requires us t...

8th January 2020 | Joanna Naughton | Coaching & Mentoring

Setting Goals that Stick – A Step by Step Guide

Here’s how you can use a mixture of logic, structure and powerful mind hacks to set exciting goals and stick to them. How often do you set...

18th December 2019 | Joanne Lee

Happy Holidays, or is it?

The holiday season is a busy time for most. Nothing about our usual daily life goes away but the holidays bring an extra layer of activitie...

13th December 2019 | Joanna Naughton | Coaching & Mentoring

How to Move from Time Lack to Time Abundance

It is time… to stop stressing about time and start choosing our path on purpose. “I don’t have time.” Four simple words that we know so...

6th December 2019 | Work Well Practice | Workplace Services

Increase Employee Trust to Increase Productivity

There are many ways to improve productivity in the workplace. You can send your employees on time management and similar productivity course...

26th November 2019 | Still Calm | Coaching & Mentoring

How do you Create Consciously?

What if you could be so clear of the outcome of your goal that it was already in the past? Can you think of a piece of work or challenge in...

22nd November 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching | Childrens Wellbeing

A parents guide to calmer mornings

What are your mornings like in your house? Maybe you’re running late and the kids are cranky. It seems like the more you nag, the slower the...

11th November 2019 | Work Well Practice | Workplace Services

What is resilience and how does it help with stress?

When it comes to stress management, we are often told that resilience is key. But what is resilience, and how can it help with getting stres...

7th November 2019 | Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy | Coaching & Mentoring

From the Chrysalis a Butterfly Emerges!

Extraordinary people think big while ordinary people think small! So do you think small or do you think big? Transformation happens when mo...