5 Tips On Self Care For A Busy Mum

6th October 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching | Women's Health

5 Tips On Self Care For A Busy Mum

Being a mum is the most rewarding and satisfying profession in the world.

On the other hand, it is difficult and exhausting to an extreme. Being a mum can be is a full-time job. Many mothers are so busy in taking care of their house, children, husband, career that they forget to carve out time for themselves from their hectic schedule. They place themselves at the bottom of the priority list and stay there. As a result, self care, their running shoes, bath salts, and books are only left to gather dust.

It is important for a busy mum to make some time for herself. She should invest time in taking care of herself and pampering herself.

The reasons why are:

Be Happy, Keep Happy

To keep the people around you happy and healthy it is important that you are happy and well. The mood of the lady of the house can affect everyone around her. Even a baby can be fussy and irritated with an exhausted mother. For a lively household it is imperative that the mum is fresh and in a good mood. A happy mum means a happy house.

Do things that relax and energise you like read a book, go for a walk or take a bubble bath. These activities will energise you and will make your routine easier and more manageable.

Say Goodbye to Stress

The same tiring routine with no breaks makes a person stressed and depressed. The daily chores never end. There is always another thing that is requiring your attention. Mothers do not give themselves time to relax and take a breath.

Due to this attitude, they start sliding into depression as early as in their 40s. This affects their house and puts a strain on their relationship. Women who take care of themselves are less likely to get depressed. So take some time and spoil yourself.

Maintain Your Confidence

“Only I can do it” is the mindset of most of the mothers. This puts more pressure on them. In their want to do everything, they have no time left for themselves. They let go of themselves. With the passage of time, their appearance and grooming is affected and their confidence is shaken. Suddenly you take a good look in the mirror and do not recognise the person staring back at you. Your confidence is in tatters and you become depressed.

You do not need long hours to keep yourself groomed and fresh. Talk to your stylist and get a hairstyle that is cute and easy to maintain, give yourself a spa treatment at home, do manicure and pedicure with your daughters, do regular exercise for 20 mins to keep yourself in shape and active.

Involve Your Family

Running a house is not the sole responsibility of the mother. Other members of the family should also pitch in with their share of help. With mum shouldering the bulk of the responsibility of the house, the rest of the family lose their interest in sharing the burden. Bring your family together. Delegate some work to them. This will give them a sense of responsibility and importance. This will also lighten your workload and will give you time to look after yourself.

Enjoy Life

Life is short and is meant to be lived. Take some time to appreciate the fact that you are alive and healthy. There will always be another chore, another emergency and another hectic day. In between make some time for yourself. Prioritise your work list and do not attempt to do everything in a single day. So take a deep breath and just be.

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