5 Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making that Hinder Your Best Efforts

18th April 2018 | Leyana Akbani | Health & Fitness

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making that Hinder Your Best Efforts

When you set a goal for your weight loss, that power you feel is exhilarating. It’s further bolstered when you step on the scale and find that you’re losing weight. But then, something strange happens. Despite your best efforts, you notice the scale isn’t budging and nothing seems to be improving no matter what you do. 

Be honest. If you’re truly eating right and exercising, then you may have to look a little deeper to discover some little-known habits that you might have that could be to blame. 

1. You overdo it with cooking oil

When cooking your meals, olive oil is a fantastic choice because it contains healthy fats that your body needs. But how much of it are you using? For every tablespoon of olive  oil, there are 120 calories. Measure it out to avoid accidentally ingesting extra calories  with every meal. 

2. You still drink fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are loaded with calories and chemical ingredients. Gross! You might think that switching to the diet version is a step in the right direction, but it’s not. Studies have  revealed that diet fizzy drinks are worse for you than regular ones, and what’s more,  they may cause you to gain more weight. Your brain can’t recognize the difference  between artificial sweeteners and real sugar, so wean yourself from this diet disaster fast. 

3. You reward yourself with food

Life wouldn’t be worth living without tasting our favourite treats from time to time. Moderation is the key, and indulging in a slice of pizza or takeaway here and there isn’t going to ruin your efforts. What IS going to do it though is that treat you give yourself after that intensive HIIT workout. You know, that donut your scarfed down after all that hard work. Those daily food rewards add up to extra weight. Treat yourself to a new lip gloss, a manicure or something else on the daily and save those sweet and scrummy treats for another time. 

4. Your workouts aren’t challenging enough

Are you doing the same old workout every day? You’ve got to spice things up, just like in love. Instead of the treadmill, try the elliptical or grab some weights and get going. Challenging your body will help it change and get those muscles working for you, even when you’re finally home later with your feet propped up and watching the telly. 

5. You cut out carbs completely

Read our lips (err, words): fad diets DON’T work! If you have to cut certain foods from your diet (with the exception of processed, junk, and sugary foods), then it’s not a good plan. Case in point: carbs. Carbs get such a bad reputation but eating the right ones is essential for your body. Your body needs good carbs from whole grain sources. Eat them early in your day to use them to your advantage and burn them off fast. 

By examining your habits, you just may find one of these is on your list. Making small 

changes to correct them will help tip the scales in your favour!

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