7 Ways to a Simple Life

6th October 2019 | Still Calm | Health & Fitness

7 Ways to a Simple Life

Why you have to go and make things so complicated? Not my words, but Avril Lavignes. Yet, it seems to be true for a lot of you.

You’re busier than ever, they’re aren’t enough hours in the day. You’ve not started your to-do list. You’re already behind this week and it’s only Monday morning. Do you regularly spend your week like this?

The world has is going faster to the point where you feel sick and you want to get off. I had exactly the same thing the last time I went on a waltzer. Never again. Yet you can’t get off the planet can you? Maybe not, unless you’re Richard Branson. There are other ways though if you’re on a smaller budget.


Look at everything that you are trying to achieve and cross off at least one thing that you are doing just to please someone else. There might be more, but start with the one that causes you the most groaning. Slow down. The more present I more become, the slower I get. This might sound counterproductive, but I know I’m doing exactly what I need to. No more headless chicken.  Take a breath break. Sit for at least 2 minutes, three times a day taking deep breaths from the diaphragm. You should feel your hand move when you put it on your abdomen. This gives you the chance to reset and re-prioritise.   Declutter anything which you don’t need. Have a clear out at the office, wardrobe, loft, kitchen cupboard. There is an art to this and if you want to go for it, you can full on Marie Kondo it.   Look at your weekly schedule and make sure there is something in it that gives you joy. If you’re doing seven spin classes, but don’t have time to eat. You might want to rethink it.  Focus on the good things in your life, the small things that make you happy. Surround yourself with people and experiences that lift you up, not bring you down.  Have a catchphrase. My personal one is ‘oh well’. Not sure how it came about. I just say it went something seems to be going wrong and then I’m just not that bothered by it anymore. 


It’s difficult to think of how you would live without all your modern conveniences and material goods. Yet, if you think about it, ancient tribes and even those that still exist in the modern world, live simply and happily with very little. In fact in ancient times if you went to a medicine man, woman or shaman feeling disheartened or dispirited they would ask you one of four questions:

1. When did you stop singing?

2. When did you stop dancing?

3. When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

4. When did you stop finding comfort in silence?

Next time you feel this way, ask yourself these questions. The answer might be simple.

“Life is really simple, yet we insist on making it complicated”


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