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14th March 2018 | Coach

How to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing

Guest Article: Margaret Muillen : Business Coach & NLP Master Practitioner How to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing I think you a...

14th March 2018 | Coach

Stress in the workplace - What can we do about it

Guest Article: Workplace Practice HSE (the Health and Safety Executive) defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pr...

18th March 2018 | Teen Wellbeing | Coach

Minimising Time Drains for Teens

Teenagers are busier than ever. Between school, homework, socialising, extracurricular activities, technology, and jobs, teens are being pul...

18th March 2018 | Teen Wellbeing | Coach

Making Conversation with your Teen

We have all been there – picking up your child from school and discussing how their day was. Having that opportunity to engage with your chi...

18th March 2018 | Teen Wellbeing | Coach

Finding Me Time

They say a mother’s work is never done. A hectic work schedule, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you fe...

24th March 2018 | Leyana Akbani | Coach

Tips to beat email stress

We all know the feeling of being deluged by email. Spend a couple of days out of the office or take a holiday and the size of your inbox mul...

28th April 2018 | Dave Leverton | Coach

Understanding & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs through Coaching

Understanding Beliefs The Oxford Dictionary defines the word belief ‘as an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one wit...