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6th November 2018 | Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also called winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, and se...

11th December 2018 | Reconnecting You | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Making Change Happen: from knowing to believing

Making change happen is hard…not going to lie to you! I have spent the last 20 (ish) years losing weight. I have, on occasion, actually lo...

23rd January 2019 | Silver Ray Healing Therapies | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Energetic Protection

What is it? Do you need it? We protect our physical bodies from potentially harmful elements such as excess heat, cold, wind and rain. We...

1st March 2019 | Jadwiga James | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

5 Stages of Healing

Did you know that healing is a process, just like everything else in life? It’s not an instant yet short lived solution as offered by pain k...