Do you know your cycle?

6th June 2019 | Tracy Richardson | Women's Health

Do you know your cycle?

This is one for the ladies!

Do you know your cycle? 

How well do you know your body's rhythms?

Something I wish that I knew dunce I was a teenager is the importance of understanding what my cycle was trying to tell me!!

I’m becoming more in tune with this. So, I think it’s important to share the importance of educating yourself with how your body moves through it’s ‘monthly’ cycle, the miracle that is your body, and the signs that help you to recognise what it needs and when it needs it.

I’ve shared previously about how I pushed my body through physical stress in the gym, thinking I was being healthy and not realising I was adding to my dysfunction. EVERY day- high intensity and heavy lifting (squatting 100kg, DL 125kg, benching 60kg for reps at 63kg body weight), I never worried about my weight, it was my release where I got out of my own head... from the stress of a toxic career that meant I missed funerals, birthdays, seeing friends and family and basically having a life! Waking at 4.30am daily, an hours commute, in work for 6.30am, gym by 8pm (unless I was still working), rinse and repeat, for 10 years... I was f*cked!!.

I’m sure lots of women can relate to this... trying to be everything and ignoring the signs from your body... in this time I was diagnosed with PCOS, at one point I was bleeding so heavily I was worried to be at work in case of an ‘accident’. I’ve had periods last 3 days to 21 days!! I was ill and my body was trying to tell me- I didn’t listen fir a long time!

Fast forward to now... practically symptom free, my periods are a blessing, I no longer have any PMS symptoms, zero cramps or mood swings... chocolate cravings are no longer cravings!!

Fast forward to now, I am educated about the phases women experience throughout their cycle & now it has completely changed my relationship with my body. I now embrace it!

There are four phases women experience which:

1. Menstruation

2. The follicular phase

3. Ovulation

4. The luteal phase

Menstruation lasts around 3-7 days, you are loosing nutrients like iron, B vitamins etc. Be kind to yourself and incorporate gentle exercise like walking or yoga around this time and consume nutrient dense food to replenish your body.

After your period the follicular phase lasts for around 7-10days, plus your energy levels should have returned!!! This is the time for you to increase the level of activity.

Generally energy levels peak during the ovulatory phase, which is around 3-5 days, so if your into high intensity- get on it!

The luteal phase is around 10-14 days post ovulation. Energy levels are often still good at the start of this phase. In the latter part of this stage the reproductive hormone levels drop before menstruation... hello PMS!

Some of us would experience hormonal imbalances and experience PMS, as energy levels drop- bring in mood swings, cramps and cravings!

PMS is not normal- it’s common, but not normal!!

Advice on supporting you and noting your cycle is in the way

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