Empowerment! What does that really mean?

18th October 2018 | Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Empowerment! What does that really mean?

So at its basic meaning, the term ‘Empowerment‘ simply means ‘becoming powerful‘. Building personal empowerment involves reflecting on our personal values, skills and goals and being prepared to adjust our behaviour in order to achieve our goals. Personal empowerment also means being aware that other people have their own set of values and goals which may be different to ours. Being true to your dreams then becomes of paramount importance!

There are of course several other definitions as to what empowerment means. These usually centre on the idea that Personal Empowerment gives an individual the ability to:

    -  Take control of their circumstances and achieve their own goals in their personal and working life.

    -  Become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and therefore be better equipped to deal with problems and achieve their goals.

   - Take opportunities to enhance personal growth and bring about a real sense of fulfilment.

Developing personal empowerment will usually involve making some fundamental changes in life, which is not always an easy process. The degree of change required will differ from person to person, depending on the individuals starting point and where they are in life at that moment.

Stages of Personal Empowerment

The following ‘stages of personal empowerment’ are based on the belief that the greater the range of coping responses an individual develops, the greater their chance of coping effectively with diverse life situations that may arise. These stages, in no particular order, are:

Being Self-Aware

Self-awareness involves understanding our individual character and how we are likely to respond to situations. Awareness involves recognizing your environment, yourself, and your power. To fully be aware, you must acknowledge that you can disengage from stressful things. Awareness is about defining why you disempower yourself from the environment in the first place. Be aware of the power you possess inside to take back your life as your own.

Personal Values

Values are opinions or beliefs that are important to us but of which we are not always aware. In order to be self-aware it is necessary to be aware of our values, to critically examine them and to accept that our values may be different from those of others. To see who you are, you must recognise what you have. Recognition is about the what, who, when, and where you give your power. Once you have recognised your own abilities in this process, you can achieve self-empowerment. Identify and embrace the gifts and talents you possess. Don’t wait on the world to acknowledge these attributes; you must do that yourself.

Developing Skills

An individual’s skills are the main resource which enables them to achieve their desired goals. Skills can be gained through experience, practice, education and training. It is only by developing such skills that individual values can be translated into action.

Gaining Information

Knowledge or information is necessary in the development of self-awareness and skills. The internet has provided an easy way for everybody to access huge amounts of information very quickly and easily. The problem is then centred around the quality of the information found, and the skill set is concerned with finding accurate and reliable information.

Setting Goals

Setting goals is very important and is a means by which an individual can take charge of his/her life. The process of setting a goal involves people thinking about their values and the goals gives us a sense of direction in life, this direction is essential to personal empowerment.

Let Go of the Past

To achieve inner peace, you must live in the present moment or the “now”. Holding grudges leaves you laced with inner anger that interferes with this peace. When you judge, criticize, or regret, there is an inner self laced with guilt. That person will experience depression and anxiety related to the past. Let the past go and recognize it for what it is – over. Forgiveness is part of the achievement of inner peace, a valuable part.

Share Your Journey with others

 Now that you know you are well on your way to self-empowerment or already feel empowered, then share what you know with others. Allow people to see how great you’ve become because of your new found independence and peace and inspire others the joys of empowerment.

Having a positive Mindset is critical!

Mindset? What is that? Having a positive frame of mind is crucial if you want to achieve any progress towards a brighter and better future! Many people will usually say “Well I cant do this and will never be clever enough to do that!”. These are self limiting beliefs but are also self fulfilling! Repeated negative mindsets and negative framing of events and thoughts will in fact bring about feelings of defeat and worthlessness!

When you have willingness to expand and grow as a human being, you cultivate a new mindset. Think about your current dominant thoughts, habits, and beliefs. Are they serving you in a positive manner or negative one? Cultivate a new mindset so you can acknowledge that you have control of your mind, not the other way around.

When all is said and done you are the master of your own ship! So sail it in the direction you want and reap the benefits!!

My name is Derek Fraser Crosson and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Architect with a practice in Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

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