Energy – do you look after yours?

31st August 2018 | Reconnecting You | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Energy – do you look after yours?

This might seem like a weird question … but do you look after your energy?! 

I spend my time working with people who have a finite supply of of this vital resource. Chronic fatigue conditions are extremely debilitating, leaving people zapped of energy, unable to get up and do whatever they want, whenever they want to. 

Managing a finite resource

M.E, Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers are painfully aware of their limited energy reserves and work hard to manage and conserve them. Very often sufferers feel let down by their bodies because they cannot rely on them to have sufficient energy available.

Those of us without chronic fatigue have not had to deal with this uncertainty and tend to take our energy levels for granted. We assume that we will always have the energy to get up in the morning, do our job look after our families, go out with friends and enjoy life. 

The subject of energy levels would have entered my head 5 years, but now I have a different perspective. I treat my energy levels in the same way as I treat my money and I:

  • am free to choose how I spend it 
  • guard it against theft. 
  • take care to make sure I’m able to generate more. 
  • have daily routines in place that build it up. 
  • know it’s my responsibility to look after my energy. 

Are you aware of the things that increase your energy and the things that drain it away? Being tuned into your body can make a huge difference to your energy levels. I am sure you have had those moments where you have been in a conversation, or a meeting, and come out of it feeling exhausted, yet all you have done is talk? Your energy has been drained, making it very difficult to return to your work and be as productive as you were before the conversation happened. I have certainly experienced this in the past, but wasn’t consciously aware of what was going on. I didn’t know I could, and should, do something about it!

So here are my 4 top tips for boosting your energy levels:

  • Pay more attention to how you feel – by becoming aware, you will start to piece together the different things that boost your energy or drain it away. Once you have awareness, you can start to make changes 
  • Spend 12 minutes walking outside; even if it’s not sunny, the natural light has a massive impact on you mood, attentiveness and overall well-being. This little article has more information about the benefits

  • Listen to your favourite music; all of us have been moved by music at some point in our lives. Music is such a powerful tool to connect with our emotions, link back to memories, help us learn and keep us focused. We can use music to pump us up and become energised. For more info, check this article out

  • Laugh; with friends, watching a funny TV show or listening to something on the radio that gets you laughing. It’s the ultimate feel good factor which reduces stress and calms the mind. I am not making this stuff up you know! 

    4 things to be aware of

    We also need to be aware of things or situations the drain our energy, so here are my 4 suggestions for things to be aware of

  • Minimise the time spent some people who drain you; this isn’t rude or antisocial, it’s honoring your well-being and reducing the negative impact on your body. 

  • Minimise your exposure to “gadgets”; mobiles, laptops, tablets, fitbits, tv’s, microwaves, ovens all give off electro-magnetic frequencies that can have a significant impact particularly with highly sensitive people. They can cause headaches, migraines, feeling drained and unwell. For more info,

  • Nutrition: if you are not getting enough nutrients, your body won’t be able to generate the energy it needs to function well. Sugar can be particularly destructive with it’s cycle of highs and lows. Taking steps to improve your diet with lots of fresh, natural food can make a huge difference.

  • Get in touch with me; if you want help working out how to improve your energy levels. I have heaps of experience, knowledge and information to share with you.  

    Suzanne, Reconnecting You

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