Footloose! Always A Time To Dance!!

24th August 2019 | Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Footloose! Always A Time To Dance!!

    It’s always a strange but yet comforting feeling, when you see and ultimately like a movie, that sums up your life and how you see the world! For me that film is Footloose!

What at first appears to just be a film about teenagers, dancing in a small American town, actually has many underlying currents going on! There is religious restrictions and dogma, society imposed beliefs and limits.

There are also small minded people whose views are closed off to anything that differs from their strict rules and regulations! Also the need to maintain the status quo at any cost!

    For me this film highlights the work I do as a hypnotherapist in helping people to overcome self-imposed barriers and limited beliefs to change and to excel in all they do!

The main character in the film, Ren, is the modern street-wise teenager who comes from the city to the back water town where all the story is set. The film was based on a true story of a rural town and community of Elmore City, Arizona where they banned, since 1898, drinking and dancing and rock music!

During my life there were many limitations placed on me, in as much as how my life would pan out! Mainly from my parents, who would say things like “Stick to what you know!” or “Let your brother do that, he is better at that than you!”. It is weird that even as an adult you carry those things with you and still they make their mark on you!

But it can be easy to break out of those limitations and barriers! I turned my life around in many ways to always expect better of myself and to look for solutions to any problems that arise! Self Belief and Confidence is what I always instil in my clients when transforming their lives to excel!

Ren, is viewed by the community, and especially the preacher, as a trouble maker and a person to be suspicious of, because he doesn’t fit the tightly controlled norm of an obedient and god fearing citizen! It is this difference and his personality that makes him a target for many of the troubles that ensue!

    For me it is the individuality of everyone that makes us unique! This is an asset that should be blessed and encouraged, so enabling true transformation and empowerment!

In the film the main religious background is that “Dancing is the devil’s work!” and that nothing but trouble and lewd behaviour and drunkenness will follow! Of course, this is a false assumption!

One of the major lines quoted by Ren, from Ecclesiastes in the bible, when trying to validate dancing to a town hall panel strikes a chord! The quote being — “There is A TIME TO WEEP AND A TIME TO LAUGH, A TIME TO MOURN AND A TIME TO DANCE!

Dancing is just a metaphor for life! It’s a way to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness! It is not something to be feared or hated! Much kudos is put on conformity in this film. Don’t rock the boat! Don’t stick out! Follow the right path! These are all society imposed restrictions and do not and should not decide how one lives their life!

    One particular and haunting scene is a communal burning of literature books and how they have corrupted the young minds of the community! Of course this is not true but is perceived by the elders that the devil is at hand!

Learning and self-improvement, in whatever form, is always a must for a life that is fulfilled and ready for new knowledge!

Near the end of the film, Ren, is allowed by the preacher, to hold a Prom party, just outside the town limits, as a concession for also being a kind and thoughtful young man to his daughter. Loads of fun is had by all and laughter and joining in the pleasure that is dancing and celebrating life!

    I love to dance because to me that is celebrating life! Dance, just like many of our innate abilities, is a way to express ourselves. It’s as if to say, “Here I am world take me as you find me!”.

Of course we all need rules and some regulations to conform to a happy life. However if they stifle your creative abilities and pleasure in life then they need to be changed or you need to alter how you view your life!

This is what gives me the greatest pleasure in my life, is showing someone a new way and a new path to take, to transform their mindset! In so doing empowering them to greater heights of self-belief and confidence! Finding a new way to dance!

Like the film, Footloose is about celebrating life and celebrating dance!

For everyone, I say to you — There is always a time to dance! Let this be your time to dance!!

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