Health Kinesiology: 4 things you need to know about a session

6th July 2018 | Reconnecting You | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Health Kinesiology: 4 things you need to know about a session

It isn’t a talking therapy… 

… you don’t have to reveal anything you don’t want to. There is no need to worry about being put on the spot or revisit experiences that you would rather not. In fact, I have worked with clients who have preferred not to share anything during a session, and health kinesiology still resolved their issues.

Now, that doesn’t mean to say we have spent the hour in silence, not a bit of it! As I work, I speak out loud the questions I am asking of your body energy. I am literally “talking to your arm” to find out what your body needs.

You keep your clothes on, at all time s

… no seriously, AT ALL TIMES. You do get to lie on a couch, rest your head on a pillow and snuggle up under a blanket though. I usually work with your right arm propped up on the couch at a right angle, like this, so that I can gently press on your forearm and see whether your arms stays in place or moves when I ask a question. This is muscle response testing, and I use it to guide what we do next.

It’s all about stress busting… 

Everything we do in a session is aimed at reducing or eliminating stress from your system. Health kinesiology has strong links to the holistic approach taken in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works with yin/yang energy flowing up and down the meridians in your body. These flows are disrupted by all sort of things that happen in our daily life, like accidents, trauma, emotional events, day to day stresses and anxiety. 

These types of events have the potential to interfere with our energy flow and cause physical ailments to show up such as aches & pains, reactions & intolerances, headaches & migraines, digestive issues, the list is endless! By releasing the stress from within your body, we restore the body energy. Physical issues reduce or go altogether. Simples! 

Permission granted… 

…to be kind to yourself for the rest of the day (and drink plenty of water!)

Most people feel a bit blissed out after a health kinesiology session, very relaxed and calm. The session has helped to cut through the thinking and worrying, allowing you to switch off and rest. So, to get the most out of our session together, I always ask you to take it easy for the rest of the day and allow yourself to enjoy feeling relaxed.

And, because it’s a thing of mine, I will ask you (repeatedly) to drink plenty of water. It really is what your body needs lots of to function properly.

If you would like to find out more about working with me, or book a health kinesiology session, get in touch… 

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