Hot Yoga - Why is it great?

17th March 2018 | Guest | Health & Fitness

Hot Yoga - Why is it great?

Guest Article : Mumtaz Haque : at1.SPACE

If you have never tried yoga, or are a 'newbie' you probably hear people talking about 'yoga' and imagine a super flexible, super skinny, leggy blonde in spandex in the lotus position right?

Whilst this could be the case, the majority of people doing yoga are just like you - busy lives, wanting to introduce that bit of wellness and balance for a happier, healthier day to day life.

There are SO many benefits, but we wanted to put these into perspective - to talk about what these benefits actually can mean for your life, the positive impact they can have and give you a more realistic picture of what to expect should you choose to bring yoga into your routine.

Here are some of the benefits we have personally experienced, and others who take regular Yoga classes have talked about too.

Alone & recharge time, this is HUGE. If you are a busy parent, student, or working person in todays world, and rarely get a moment alone – hot yoga practice is a great way to get some alone time, fitness and relaxation all balled into one. Its rare to get so much in a 60-90 min time frame. Finding time can be tough, we understand but once your yoga becomes part of your routine, you'll wonder how you got along with it (its SO worth it).


If you are a anxious, stressed out person – Yoga helps to calm and centre you. Attending class in the morning can help set up your whole day, calm, composed and relaxed (with a great workout too).

Strength and toning, though it is a slower process then weight lifting or other forms of exercise because it focuses on deep muscle tissue and you are using your own body weight. It’s those deep (yoga goes after the deep muscles): core, back, arms, legs that give you overall full body strength. There is also the added benefits of more flexibility and balance. This can lead to quality of life, waking up fresher, and not achey and sluggish, and becoming generally more physically comfortable in all aspects of life.

Inch-loss, technically you could call this weight loss it’s a side effect to getting stronger and more toned - clothes FIT differently, better. This is one of those things that would be different for each person, but its common for those who take yoga classes, particularly hot yoga.

Again, different person to person but another common benefit is skin being much healthier. People also say allergy symptoms are much more bearable (a morning class helps to sweat off the symptoms that came overnight). That horrible monthly visitor us women have to deal with can become 'smoother'. Sleep has been much smoother and less of a fight if you take regular yoga classes too.

To put it simply, by introducing regular yoga into your life, you just feel better. Like a better you: stronger, breathing deeper and more clearly, anxiety levels are much lower and anxiety itself is much easier to control. Through yoga classes, you can gain more energy, and become stronger, and fitter.

All of this, often leads to you loving your body more - treating your body and mind much better. You will probably find you drink more water, eat better, and become kinder and more understanding towards yourself (which in turn means you become kinder and more understanding to everyone else (this can help in the home, in relationships, at work... you get the idea...).

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