How do you Create Consciously?

26th November 2019 | Still Calm | Coaching & Mentoring

How do you Create Consciously?

What if you could be so clear of the outcome of your goal that it was already in the past?

Can you think of a piece of work or challenge in your life that is currently too overwhelming to tackle? If you break it down into smaller milestones and look at those as separate tasks, it will start to look more manageable.

Take it a step further by using your creative consciousness to get the clarity that you need to achieve your goal. Get clear on your intent and your why. Where there is no doubt, fear or uncertainty. When you are aligned with your consciousness, the outcome is a done deal. So certain it's conclusion is in the past. Any clearer?

You may have read The Secret or dabbled with the Law of Attraction, this is going to a deeper level of using your consciousness to create in business. Identifying the steps along the way, landscapes and landmarks. Having a consistent approach, which allows you to navigate in smaller milestones.

Removing all confusion, conflict, crisis and limitation. Identifying all the fears and doubts, the “I can’ts” and giving you the clarity to bring success, precision and “I can”. Knowing what is getting in your way and eliminating the blocks and barriers. The difference between being inefficient and effectiveness.

Getting you completely congruent and consistent with your ultimate goal and the milestones to get your there.

We're in this together

Imagine if, as working part of a team, you all had the collective consciousness to achieve the end result? The purpose, the goal, absolute clarity about what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. A collective vision of the future and what it looks, feels and sounds like. It could absolutely be the reality. It works like magic.

It's all in the mind

When we put blocks and barriers in our own way, it can often only be a perception of reality. We perceive things as negative or that events will have a negative outcome, when actually its only what we perceive, perhaps based on previous experiences. If we were to look at the film we were playing to ourselves, it wouldn’t be giving us the feel good factor that we wanted.

Rewind the film, change the ending, change the beginning and the middle as well, if you want. Give yourself the happy ever after you’ve been, well………..after.

Still Calm uses Map of Magnificence with individuals and teams to bring clarity, explicit outcomes and precision for success with ease.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it


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