How to Move from Time Lack to Time Abundance

13th December 2019 | Joanna Naughton | Coaching & Mentoring

How to Move from Time Lack to Time Abundance

It is time… to stop stressing about time and start choosing our path on purpose.

“I don’t have time.”

Four simple words that we know so well. 

How often do you say them? Think them? Feel them? How often do you let these words control the actions you take, or stop you from taking actions that are important to you?

Just for a few precious minutes, I invite you to step outside your busy mind; the mind that deeply believes that this statement is true. I invite you to reconnect with the actual truth…

“I have all the time in the world.”

Go on – say it out loud as many times as you need in order to remember its powerful truth.

That’s right – you knew it when you were a young child, jumping both feet into imaginative play that felt as if it lasted forever. You knew it before the voices of the external world crept in and told you: We haven’t got time. We have to stop now. We can’t right now. We’re too late.

Okay, I know what your adult mind is probably thinking…

Those things were true: We didn’t have time. We did have to stop. We couldn’t right then. We were too late.

But take a moment to notice the overriding sense that all of these statements hold:

A sense of lack, of scarcity, of dependence.

By coming from a mindset of lack, scarcity and dependence, we’re ultimately allowing ourselves to be the victim of our own lives. We’re telling ourselves and the universe that life is simply something that happens to us; that we are not autonomous creators of our own futures.

Yes – I know you’re bloody busy. I know you’ve got a million and one things going on. I know that you can’t possibly see how you’re ever going to ‘have time’. Trust me, I know. I know because I can hear you screaming it out into the universe, and I can see it reflecting itself back at you like a mirror, giving you exactly what you’re presenting.

So how the hell do we break this cycle we’ve got ourselves in?

Well, you’re maybe not ready to believe me, but it really is as simple as changing the words we use to describe it. From words that demonstrate lack, to words that create and reflect abundance.

Often, the most powerful of these are the words that recognise your own power and autonomy…

“I choose.”

With each moment, instead of allowing the familiar thoughts to choke you (“I don’t have time. There’s not enough.”), remind your mind that you are the creator of your life by asking yourself:

What am I choosing right now?

“I’m choosing to write this report because it’s my top priority right now.”

“I’m choosing to make dinner because it’s important right now.”

“I’m choosing to take a long, relaxing bath because it’s what matters most to me right now.”

Whether the thing you’re choosing truly feels like the thing you want to do most or not, isn’t actually the important part of the equation. After all, there are always going to be things we don’t completely enjoy but we feel must get done. But, even when we’re choosing between a rock, a hard place and sitting in the middle, we must recognise that we still have a choice.

The crucial element is that we show our minds that we are in charge. We create our lives.

Remember – the message we send out into the universe gets reflected straight back at us. If we present lack, we receive lack. If we present abundance, we receive abundance.


So, the next time you notice yourself thinking, saying or feeling those panic-inducing words – “I don’t have time” – ask yourself: What am I choosing?

Then, calmly and autonomously, state to yourself:

“I have all the time in the world and, right now, I’m choosing to do _________ with it.”

I’m curious…

1) How often do you tell yourself you don’t have time?

2) How might it be affecting your abundance in health, wealth and joy?

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