The Wheels of Knowledge are Lifelong Traits!

3rd August 2019 | Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy | Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to know loads of things? Do they possess something that they were born with that made them so successful? Why is it that you often just give up unaware of what to do next?

    You see learning never stops just because you are no longer at school! However the urge or determination to try something that is maybe out of your comfort zone can be very alarming!

We always need to learn and try and explore new things. That’s what makes us who we are and expands our horizons! You see this is a lifelong learning process! It never stops unless you allow it too! So let us look at more detail into what makes this a desirable trait!

So What is lifelong learning?

Lifelong learning is the broad term for education that is conducted beyond school or college or university. It’s completely voluntary, rather than compulsory, and is completely self-motivated — with the main goal being to improve personal or professional development.

What are the benefits of lifelong learning?

There are a number of advantages to this form of studying. Including:

    To gain new qualifications
    To add to your transferable and employable skills
    To earn more money
    To fill a skills gap
    To broaden your knowledge
    To better contribute to the community
    Mental stimulation
    Personal and professional satisfaction

How is it learned?

Lifelong learning can be conducted in a variety of different ways, whether it’s through formal training, or something far less structured.

It can be taken through instruction or coaching, but the term also includes any form of self-taught learning. The main idea here is of empowering yourself to greater levels of awareness.

    There are plenty of great reasons why it is so important to keep on learning! The widespread availability of online courses means that anyone can now explore any subject, anytime, and for the rest of their lives.

So here are eight (though there are many more), wonderful reasons why you should always keep learning:

1. The ability to Improve Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be influenced by two things; your trust in yourself as well as your level of competence, which comes from knowledge, experience and the skills that you possess. Taking an online course and learning new skills can provide a tremendous boost to your self-confidence.

2. Fighting and keeping Boredom away

Staying challenged helps fight boredom. Take every opportunity to enrich yourself and learn something new; take a course, read voraciously, watch TED conferences online or attend webinars in your field of interest.

3. Keep Your Brain Healthy and Your Mind Sharp

Various recent studies revealed that learning keeps your brain functioning at a high level. The brain is a muscle; continue to keep it in shape by giving it new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. According to leading scientific journals, mental facilities are best protected when they are used often and continued learning can slow the physical process of things like Alzheimer’s Disease.

4. Learn Practical Life Skills

Besides the professional knowledge we acquire through school or work, it’s important that we learn practical skills such as handling our finances, improving our communication skills, as well as basic computer skills. Courses on these subjects and more are readily available online for students of any age!

5. Be a Positive role model for Your Children

Set a good example for your children by letting them see you work hard at self-improvement and continuing your education. Working alongside each other towards individual goals will increase the chances that you both will be successful!

6. Learn for Leisure

Take a course in a subject you enjoy such as cooking, photography, reading or writing, etc. You never know what other interests you might discover! Enjoyment leads to happiness!

7. Sleep More Soundly

Just as when you exercise your body and it gets tired; when you exercise your mind, your mind gets tired. Give your mind a workout by studying a new subject!

8. Stay Healthy

There are also some not so obvious health benefits to learning. Becoming organized and practicing time management techniques can help reduce stress in your life. Learning the basics of nutrition may help you to make improvements in your diet. Exploring some health and fitness courses may inspire you to take better care of your body. You get the picture!

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