What Is Reiki?

What is Reiki?  I get asked this question a lot. So here are the answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked about Reiki.

What Is Reiki?

My Reiki Master passed this definition of the word Reiki to me:

REI = Universal

KI = Life Force Energy.

This is also how I’ve always defined Reiki. The Universal life force energy is what we’re all derived from. Everything is energy; you, me, the plants, trees, birds, bees, fish, you get the idea.

You may also have heard this same energy referred to as Chi or Prana.

When training to be a Reiki Practitioner, you receive two attunements. Your first one at Reiki Level 1 and another at Reiki Level 2. These attunements enable the practitioner to vibrate at a higher frequency, allowing them to channel higher amounts of the Universal life force energy.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki is a holistic treatment that supports the body’s natural healing abilities. This can be the energy body and the physical body. What you usually find is that when there’s an unchecked disturbance in the energy body it will manifest itself as dis-ease in the physical body.

The practitioner uses their hands, a series of hand positions and hand-drawn symbols to channel Reiki to the recipient. Sometimes they will use the hands-on approach, other times the hands-off approach. Always being mindful of which area of the body is being treated. They will be ‘guided’, for want of a better word, by the Universal life force energy to the area or areas that need the greatest attention and how best to administer the Reiki.

Does Receiving Reiki Hurt?

Not usually, no. Receiving Reiki can sometimes result in an energy block being suddenly released. This may cause some emotions to suddenly rise up to be released. This often manifests as crying or laughing.

I always say to my clients to tell me if they feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by these emotions so that we can take a break.

Most times we can carry on after a few moments but if the block is deeply rooted we may decide to clear it over a few sessions so as not to cause extreme emotional discomfort for the client. This also gives them the opportunity after the treatment to go away and process what we have worked on that session, before coming back again.

Do I Have To Get Undressed?

No, you are fully clothed. You will usually lay on a massage couch, or sometimes sit if this is more comfortable for you. I give my clients a pillow under their head, and knees if required. I’ll also cover them in a blanket for the duration of the treatment. This is because when we are relaxing our body temperature usually drops and we can sometimes feel a little cold.

How Long Does It Take?

If you are a new Reiki client, I ask you to book an initial assessment with me first so we can have a chat about your reasons for coming for a session and what you hope to get out of it. Plus, any other information you feel may be useful for me to know before I begin your Reiki treatment.

This is followed by a full Reiki treatment which usually lasts approximately 45 minutes. I allow some time at the end to discuss how you felt during the treatment, anything that came up for you that you wish to discuss further, all without you having to rush. This whole process usually takes around 1 hour.

Altogether, I allow 90 minutes for the chat and Reiki treatment. Afterwards, I’ll give you an aftercare sheet for you to take away with you for future reference.

Subsequent Reiki appointments are approximately 1 hour in total.

Is It Expensive?

The most important part of the Reiki treatment is finding the right practitioner for you. The personal investment will vary from practitioner to practitioner. I usually equate the amount you pay for Reiki to the approximate cost of a full body massage.

I also look at it as an investment in your current and future health. What would it potentially ‘cost’ you to not look after yourself?

How Often Should I Come For A Treatment?

After the initial assessment I usually recommend at least another two subsequent Reiki appointments. At the end of the third appointment we will reassess and decide if you currently require any further sessions and if so, when.

It’s really up to you, as the client. You may decide to keep yourself ‘topped up’ with Reiki and attend once a month or once every six weeks. Everyone is different.

Any Other Questions?

I hope this answers some of your burning Reiki questions. If there are further questions you’d like answers to then please do let me know.

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