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22nd November 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching | Childrens Wellbeing

A parents guide to calmer mornings

What are your mornings like in your house? Maybe you’re running late and the kids are cranky. It seems like the more you nag, the slower the...

6th October 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching | Women's Health

5 Tips On Self Care For A Busy Mum

Being a mum is the most rewarding and satisfying profession in the world. On the other hand, it is difficult and exhausting to an extreme....

18th March 2018 | Anita Sharma Coaching | Coaching & Mentoring

Finding Me Time

They say a mother’s work is never done. A hectic work schedule, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you fe...


10th January 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching Verified Customer

“I no longer feel like everyone is judging me. I now have the confidence to put my hand up in class which I never thought I could do. Anita has helped me believe in myself and love myself for the person I am. Thank you.”

Mandi – 15 year old girl

10th January 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching Verified Customer

“Anita coached me during a difficult period early on in my teaching career, when I was trying to adjust to a completely new way of working. She would always listen intently to what I had to say, but never judged me, which enabled me to move forward with confidence. I honestly believe that Anita can help so many other teachers through her coaching and definitely recommend others to seek out her support.” A Grateful Teacher

10th January 2019 | Anita Sharma Coaching Verified Customer

"Anita is a very approachable and positive person. Her coaching is holistic which works great because until you go through the process you don’t realise how one area of your life can negatively/positively impact other areas. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement. I was able to work on a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make and an action plan to that ensured positive change occurred. In summary Anita has enabled me to transform my life in ways that I never imagined and I am truly grateful.” Amanda