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Tailor made wellbeing solutions to make your business better

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

Our workplace wellbeing proposition is tailored towards your organisations unique challenges and requirements and our team of experts will support you every step of the way.

• Comprehensive and affordable employee health checks to keep your team fit and healthy

• End to end mental health & wellbeing training, support and employee assistance

• Drug & alcohol testing services to keep your employees and customers safe

• In depth company wellbeing audits and health reporting.

• Tailored employee health surveys to make sure you get the information you really need.

• Interactive, fun and engaging workplace wellbeing days, workshops and classes.

• Professional support to create and embed your workplace wellbeing programme.

Employee Health Assessments

Employee Health Assessments

Regular health screening saves lives, increases employee engagement and productivity as well as reducing absence and costs. 

Our employee health assessments are the perfect way to make your business feel better.

• 30 point health check taking around 20 minutes, which quickly identifies existing and potential health issues. 

• Includes comprehensive lifestyle review and recommendations.

• Confidential 18 page health report containing detailed analysis and action plan for each employee

 • Executive summary, reporting and recommendations to address organisational trends, concerns and challenges.

• Ongoing evaluation and support to measure improvement and results.

• Our Registered Nurses will visit your premises without causing any disruption to the working day.

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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

Sixteen million people in the UK ( i in 4 ) suffer from some form of mental health disorder and require help.. Our workplace mental health proposition provides unparalleled training, support and employee assistance to employees and employers alike.

• Comprehensive on-site training for employees at all levels.

• Training and appointment of Public Health England accredited Mental Health First Aiders who all have unlimited access to our dedicated 24/7 helpline.

• Dedicated mental health employee assistance programme with 24 hour helpline and immediate access to qualified therapists and extensive range of self help materials.

• Access to online assessments, patient aftercare and ongoing support

• End to end concierge service. Your complete employee mental health programme in one place.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer extensive drug and alcohol testing services that are specifically designed to ensure a safe environment for  employees, customer s and guests at all times whilst also protecting the interests and reputation of your organisation.

  • Choice of urine or oral drug testing procedures designed specifically for the UK market which fully meet the European Workplace Drug Testing Society Guidelines. (EWDTS)
  • We only use Home Office approved alcohol breath testing devices along with FDA certified and CE marked drug testing kits. 
  • Nationwide team of highly trained, experienced Collection Officers
  • Drug & alcohol education and awareness training for employees at all levels
  • Creation of fully robust and legally defensible policies and processes.
  • Addiction services and support to help employees get well and back to work.

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Employee Health Surveys

Employee Health Surveys

Our employee health surveys are tailored specifically to your organisation so that you have the information that you really need to be able to make educated decisions before investing time, effort and resources into your wellbeing initiatives.

• Understand the resilience of your organisation, how effectively they deal with change, challenges and setbacks.

• Gauge staff engagement, loyalty and strength of working relationships.

• Identify the value of existing activities, initiatives and incentives.

• Identify what your people really want to see in future programmes.

• Available electronically or as a pen and paper exercise.

• Full reporting, review and recommendations on your next steps.

Wellbeing Experiences & Workshops

Wellbeing Experiences & Workshops

Whether it's a short workshop during the lunch break or a full health & wellbeing day for your people, we have the perfect solution.

• Over 50 workshops and classes covering a wide range of topics including stress, nutrition, rest, positive thinking, giving up smoking, lifestyle change, mental health and much more!

• Workplace wellbeing days (or evenings) arranged specifically for your organisation with treatments, seminars and activities delivered by our team of highly qualified professionals.

• Our team building events are perfect for bonding, motivation and improving morale. We offer a range of team challenges, competitions and fun group activities suitable for work or at play.

• Our team of workplace therapists  offer everything from seated massages and reflexology to mindfulness sessions yoga classes.

• Executive retreats in stunning locations allowing business people to rest, recover and recharge.

Project Management

Project Management

Your success is our success which is why we appoint a highly qualified project manager to oversee the implementation of your wellbeing programme.

• Your PM makes sure that your wellbeing programme achieves exactly what it is supposed to and is delivered on time within budget.

• Use of Agile methodology to help your project develop organically without compromising on quality or delivery metrics.

•  Highly experienced and qualified project managers at your disposal on either a full or part time basis.

•  Significantly increases the impact, success and sustainability of your programme, and helps ensure a rapid return on investment.

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